Thursday, March 15, 2012


So much has happend since I last posted anything. No excuses just really crazy busy.
So I will try to remember the more important details to tell you.
In July of 2011 I bought a place in Union, Kentucky. It means a long drive back to Cincy to train and teach but it is so worth it. Shadow and I love our new, warm and cozy home.
I have now discovered books on CD'S and am loving it. It makes the trip fly by and I look forward to the next trip so I can hear more of the story.
I spent 3 weeks in Switzerland and England with my friend Heidi. Went to the Alps which was amazing. The mountains and views were simply awesome.
Went to England. Heidi's sister was entered in a competition at Windsor Castle with her team of Hackney Horses and antique carriage. We were privileged to ride in the Queens private gardens. As we drove by the castle the  Queen waved. A trip I will treasure forever.
This season was the debut of Susan Jones and her two horses Reliance and Cavu. Susan had been out of the show ring for 10 years and it was a bit daunting to jump into the ring again with 2 new horses.
Without sounding like I am bragging, I can honestly say she won just about everything they entered.
They won the First Level AA Regional Championships with the only score above 70%. They  also  won theUSEF National Championship at 1st and 2nd Level and were National Gran Champion Lower Level Dressage. What a come back!
It wasn't without hard work and sacrifice. Getting up before daybreak to ride before going to her office. It was dedication, hard work and determination that brings such success. I am very proud to be a part of that kind of team.
We are now again on the next phase of the journey, with the first show of the season this weekend. The next level to be mastered, a new learning curve as the levels become harder and more demanding on both the horse and rider.
It is about the journey, the desire to become more knowledgeable, the drive to improve the skills that lead to fulfilling a dream and becoming a champion.