Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Clinic Schedule

Latest Clinic Schedule:
  • Aug 28-30   
    •  3 Day Retreat at Equistride International, Fenton, MI
  • Sept 24-27   
    •  Devon Horse Show
  • Oct 16-18   
    • Balimo Clinic at Pepper Ridge Equestrian Center, Holly MI 810-714-0439
    • Oct 23-31   
      • Global Dressage Forum in Holland
    •  Apr 16-18
      • Balimo Clinic atPepper Ridge Equestrian Center, Holly Mi 810-714-0439
    • Apr 23-25
      • Susan Stanley in Montague, Michigan
    • May 1
      • Judging @ Dancing Horse Farm, Lebanon, Ohio
    • May 15-16
      • Tool Box Symposium at Bay Harbor Equestrian Club, Bay Harbor, MI 231-439-7100
    • May 20-30
    •  CDIPE Ashburn Canada

      Update on our new horses

      Susan found new muscles
      Cavu and Susan doing wonderful work. He is so handsome and sweet. Boy does he love the green grass in Kentucky.
      Nancy and Orion had the first ride today and both did great.
      Jennifer has found a new horse to work towards her qualifications to compete in the WEG games. He is black and beautiful.